Indications for ultrasonic peel: 

  • oily acne-prone skin 
  • post-acne spots and scars 
  • oily sheen enlarged pores 
  • dull face tone 
  • aging-related skin changes

Ultrasonic scrub benefits:

  • effective impurities removal and deep pore cleansing without aggressive mechanical action 
  • normalization of protective functions of the epidermis increasing its adaptive characteristics 
  • rejuvenation of the outer layer of skin 
  • dead skin cells exfoliation 
  • skin texture and tone improvement 
  • firmness and elasticity improvement 
  • skin’s natural ability to self-rejuvenation improvement
  • lymph flow and hemodynamic promotion 
  • decongestion 
  • cellular nutrition improvement 
  • elastin and collagen synthesis acceleration

Just after treatment you will notice significant complexion improvement, skin is soft, smooth, fresher and toned. Your pores will appear smaller with no dirt inside it. Face looks young, glowing and best of all no recovery time and no discomfort during treatment.

Contraindications for ultrasonic scrub: 

  • pustular skin disorders and viral skin diseases 
  • facial nerve paralysis 
  • trigeminal neuralgia 
  • infectious diseases 
  • recovery period after deep or mid-grade peel (at least 3 months) 
  • implanted gold thread 
  • pregnancy and lactation 
  • cardiovascular and oncological diseases 
  • implanted cardio stimulator 
  • acute sinusitis 
  • psoriasis and chronic dermatitis
  • couperose 
  • intrauterine device 
  • gallstones and kidney stones


  • avoid applying make-up and touching skin with unwashed hands 
  • do not dye eyebrows, lashes or hair
  • avoid pool, sauna and solarium and intensive exercises for at least 12 hours after the procedure.